Reading List

As a novice or veteran walker there is much study to do at your desk by lamp light. We look to previous generations of walkers who have chronicled their own fascination and enduring love of pedestrianism so that we might find our way.

William Hazlett 1778-1830

Essay – Read online – On going on a journey
Other works of Hazlett

Charles Dickens

Essay – Read online – Night Walks

John Burroughs 1837-1921

Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894

Essay – Walking tours

Virginia Woolfe 1882-1941

 ‘Street Haunting: A London Adventure’

George Macaulay Trevelyan

Essay – Walking

Charles Wagner 1852-1918

Stephen Graham 1884-1975

Book – Read online or download at Gutenberg

Arthur Barrett

Essay – PDF for download Melbourne to Sorrento 1893

Victorian Railways: Betterment and Publicity Board

Book – Read Online or download epub – Wonderful Walks in Victoria

Duncan Minshull

Rebecca Solnit 1961-

Melissa Harper

Robert Macfarlane 1976-

Jono Lineen