It will be of no surprise to scholars of pedestrianism that this publishing outpost was conceived per boot. Whilst I learned to walk as a toddler as a means of survival, it was only in my middle years did I begin my study in walking. It is an unusual indulgence, but one that is entertained by a niche. They are the Order Of Walkers. Walking keeps me tethered to a simple life. It offers a social element when community beckons and a solitary element to energise. It’s a reminder of our origins and indeed what it is to be human.

The study will be a slow and thoughtful enterprise. I invite others in the Order to participate in submissions.

The simple art of walking is a springboard to many other pursuits, and so, like a circuitous route I shall go there, and then return.

Whilst my wandering is Australian, my work does not have borders. 

This manifesto may seem unfinished. More walking has been prescribed.